Amidst the news swirling around Colin Kaepernick, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar published a piece in The Hollywood Reporter encouraging other NFL players to stand alongside him. 

You know Colin Kaepernick by now. Last season, as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, he took a knee during the national anthem to protest the police brutality and racism that’s going on in the United States. Since then, Kaepernick has been blackballed by the league’s owner and is still a free agent.

Abdul-Jabbar, who has taken criticism for some of his beliefs, wrote in THR that “NFL superstars must defend athletes like Colin through boycotts or other means of persuasion.” He went on, explicitly citing “the white players who make up most of the top ten highest-paid players in the league.”

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Kareem is no stranger to social activism. In 2016, he and Raymond Obsterfield co-authored “Writings On The Wall,” a book that touched on a myriad of social issues that extended beyond racism. Abdul-Jabbar is one of the most socially-involved athletes ever, and it’s not a surprise to see him voice his opinion on this subject.

If the issue with Colin Kaepernick were his play, I don’t think Kareem would have much to say. However, it’s clear there’s a stigma attached to Kap that he’ll bring negative attention to your organization even though he hasn’t done anything wrong. NFL owners have given second chances to players that have committed more egregious acts, and there is a host of backup quarterbacks who have jobs that aren’t better than Kaepernick.

Also, you mean to tell me that the New York Jets have QBs that are better than Kap? I’m not big into football, but come on.

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