2K Gamer Loses Mind After Wild Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

NBA 2K is the best basketball video game franchise ever, and the amount of hearts it’s broken is nearly unrivaled. 

NBA 2K is a great series. It’s also just as gut-wrenching as anything else. In the clip below, gamer MoyBoss suffered one of the most heartbreaking defeats I have ever seen.

In the closing seconds of a tie game, James Harden missed a bunny, and that gave his opponent the last shot opportunity. Well, it ended poorly. John Wall buried a hail mary heave from three-quarter court sealing the 62-59 defeat for MoyBoss, who promptly screamed and stormed out of the room. I wouldn’t have been so tame. Walls would’ve needed spackling, and I would’ve had to buy another controller.

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If MoyBoss never played 2K again, could we blame him? That defeat is worse than stepping on a Lego barefoot; worse than writing your name on food in the fridge and your little brother eating it; worse than having to sit through “The Notebook” because your girlfriend has been bothering you to watch it.

My prayers are with you, MoyBoss. I hope you can bounce back from this and go undefeated in the rest of your MyTeam games; if any of you guys want to show support, head over to MoyBoss’ Twitch and share some love.

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