On Friday, hip-hop legend Jay-Z released his 13th studio album, and several NBA players had glowing reviews. 

Jay’s latest offering, a Sprint and Tidal exclusive, is a 10-track project titled “4:44” that is a stunning contrast to a lot of mainstream hip-hop. Like some of his contemporaries (Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole or Joey Badass), Jay elected to take a more conscious approach, and the slick wordplay and vivid storytelling left players around the NBA in awe.

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LeBron James chimed in a little later than most, but his opinion is welcomed even if it comes six weeks late.

(Unfortunately, we didn’t get previews of “4:44” on James’ Instagram like we did with Kendrick’s “untitled unmastered.”)

This was Jay’s first album since 2013 when he dropped “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” He’s on track to have his 11th-straight number one project, and the 47-year-old music mogul showed us he can still spit better than 95 percent of all rappers.

In closing, remember this: credit is more important than throwing away money at a strip club.

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