“I’m definitely in his head, that’s for sure,” very interesting, Stanley, say more.

“He jabbers,” Johnson said after the Pistons’ game two loss. “He moves his mouth sometimes. Their whole team does it, kind of like their little cheerleaders on the bench. Every time you walk in the right corner. They’re always saying something like they’re playing basketball, like they’re actually in the game. There’s only seven or eight players who play, I don’t see why the other players are talking. They might as well just be in the stands, in my opinion.”

In a question unrelated to Johnson’s comments, James was asked about his role on the Cavaliers and said, “I’m more like a tank or something like that.”

The confidence that Stanley Johnson’s showing is great — I actually love it. But would it have been better to not “poke the bear,” as Kenny Smith put it? That remains to be seen. What doesn’t remain to be seen is that Johnson has played LeBron impressively well through the first two games, but James is still averaging 24.5 points on 60% shooting, six rebounds, and seven assists.

Johnson, a strong, athletic 6’7 small forward has looked good through the first two games despite limited minutes. He has the potential to be a great player in a few years, but LeBron might feel obligated to go at him extra-hard over the remainder of the series — not something the Pistons would be looking forward to, especially on their home floor. Stanley Johnson needs to make sure he shows up for the rest of the series, or this will reflect very poorly on the young man.

Pistons fans witness first-hand how deadly LeBron can be. Back on May 31, 2007, Motor City faithful watched a 22-year-old LeBron James decimate their beloved Pistons with 25 straight points — 48 total — in a 109-107 2OT loss. That performance came without Stanley Johnson’s trash talk, so it’ll be fun to watch Friday’s contest.

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