For noted NBA fan Barack Obama, owning a team may not be in his future, but a handful of guys around the league would love to see it happen. 

Sports are part of pop culture — and a big part at that. All across the country, celebrities and others that society holds in high regard love to go around flaunting their fandom. Some like to be at the games, like Drake with the Toronto Raptors, while others prefer to get into the business side of things. Former President Barack Obama is one of those people, and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on Jalen & Jacoby that some are lobbying for Obama to get an ownership role.

Hailing from Chicago, Obama proudly shouts out the Chicago Bulls whenever he gets the chance. On top of that, he’s such a likable guy. His tenure in the White House came as social media began to explode, and he handled himself exceptionally.

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Whether he would own a team outright or have a small stake is irrelevant — his name would immediately be one of the most glamorous.

Will Smith and Justin Timberlake are two of the bigger celebrities who are part-owners in the Philadelphia 76ers and Memphis Grizzlies, respectively. There’s also Shaquille O’Neal, who owns a small piece of the Sacramento Kings. Should Obama choose to be a majority owner, he’d join other big names like Michael Jordan (Hornets), Mark Cuban (Mavericks), Steve Ballmer (Clippers) and Paul Allen (Trail Blazers).

I don’t think the Bulls would have any issues signing free agents. I imagine Obama, who’s got some game himself, would struggle not to be directly involved with the organization. He’s been enjoying the end of his presidency, but he’s still young and only he knows what can happen during his later years.

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