LaVar Ball is back! This time, the father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball is diverting the spotlight from him son onto him. 

Lonzo, the oldest of the Ball brothers, has been hyped up a lot by his father, but he’s been able to back it up by putting together a stellar season with the Bruins. LaVar has had no problems adding to the hype of his eldest child, boasting about how is son is better than Stephen Curry and will be one of the greatest ever to play in the NBA.

Not only does LaVar think Lonzo is going to go down as an all-time great, he thinks he would’ve been able to beat one of the greats. Seriously. This is not fake news.

“Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one,” said Ball, according to Josh Peter of USA Today Sports. You can’t make this stuff up.

You can’t make this stuff up.

“I would just back (Jordan) in and lift him off the ground and call a foul every time he fouls me when I do a jump hook to the right or the left. He cannot stop me one-on-one. He better make every shot ’cause he can’t go around me. He’s not fast enough. And he can only make so many shots outside before I make every bucket under the rim.”

I’m sure LaVar is a great guy, and his boldness is sort of welcoming. It gets boring when everyone bites their tongue and doesn’t speak their mind. Except, when it’s about Lonzo, we’re watching him do great things. When he says something like this… well, I don’t know.

Jordan is the most skilled player ever to play in the NBA. Jordan’s game was perfect in every sense of the word, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more refined offensive player. Anyone even similar to Jordan’s size doesn’t have a chance of beating him. LaVar is 6-6, 270 and that’s remarkably similar to Jordan, except the five-time NBA MVP was about 45 pounds lighter during his playing days and one of the greatest all-around athletes in the history of sports.

In addition to his offense, Jordan was a nine-time All-Defensive selection who led the league in steals per game three times and won the Defensive Player of the Year award in 1988.

March Madness kicks off this week, and I hope this isn’t the last we hear from LaVar.

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