Kyrie Irving donated 190 shoes to the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland -- one for every point he scored in the Finals. (Kelley L. Cox/ USA TODAY Sports)

After Kyrie Irving had drilled the three in Game 7 of the Finals to clinch the title, he helped end a 52-year championship in Cleveland. He’s already one of the biggest names in the NBA, and the former Rookie of the Year recently partnered with Foot Locker to make a change in the lives of 190 kids.

At the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland, Irving donated one pair of his signature shoes from Nike for every point he scored in the Finals — all 190 of them. “This right here is the reason I do it,” said Irving as he got ready to donate his sneakers. “It’s being able to see you guys flourish and have anything you dream of.”

It was a busy Saturday for Uncle Drew, who hosted his Basketball ProCamp the same day. On top of his act of charity, the three-time All-Star teamed up with coaches from the Cleveland area and hosted over 600 kids from grades 1-12 at Independence High School. The campers would from, and work with, all the coaches in attendance, and, according to Nathan Cline of, Irving was heavily involved in the event.

Cline pointed out Irving was participating in a myriad of events that included one-on-one and team matchups.