WATCH: Jaylen Brown, Justin Anderson Duel In Vegas

The Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks matched up in Summer League action Tuesday night, and everyone had their eyes on Jaylen Brown, Boston’s third overall pick. Brown was stellar, and he was crucial to knocking off the Mavs, 88-82. Justin Anderson, who will be entering his second year in the league, was even more impressive individually than Brown, and both dueled marvelously.

Justin Anderson, 29p-11r-6/12 3FG

Anderson was absolutely stroking it from downtown against Brown and the Celtics — in fact, just two of his field goals came from inside the three-point line. Finishing at 50 percent for the game was impressive, and it raised his three-point percentage to 39 after he shot under 30 percent with the Mavericks last year. His catch-and-shoot shots were falling at an alarming rate, a great sign for Rick Carlisle and the Mavs since that’ll probably be his main role in the offense. He was a perfect 7/7 from the free throw line as well, and Dallas’ coaching staff won’t overlook his tenacity on the boards

Jaylen Brown, 20p-10r-4s

His jump shot is still a question, but Jaylen Brown draws a ton of contact and shoots a boatload of free throws. For the second time this summer, Brown went to the free throw line for 17 shot attempts, and he connected on 12. He’s a stupendous athlete who looks very comfortable with the ball in his hands, and he doesn’t deliberate when he drives. Brown takes the ball at his defenders relentlessly, and the reluctance to settle for outside shots is seldom seen in the new NBA; he attempted just one three against Dallas. That same athleticism makes him a constant threat in the passing lanes, and he used it to get his very first professional poster dunk.

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