If you didn’t know, Grayson Allen has an enormous target on his back, and the officials sometimes run wild with it. 

What the Duke junior has done in the past does warrant some of the treatment he receives, but this was tame compared to previous transgressions.

In the Blue Devils’ ACC Tournament game against Clemson, Allen, who was frustrated with himself for not making the right play, took the ball and slammed it on the court as he was walking away from the official. It took a funny hop, bounced off of his hands and went toward the sideline which resulted in a whistle getting blown.

He got benched right after by Coach K, but what’s asinine about this call is that it wasn’t worthy of a technical. If a player takes the ball, thumps it on the ground and lets it bounce above his head, that’s a technical. This wasn’t that.

Allen made an effort to make sure nothing went awry and, unfortunately, it did. Maybe it’s karma? That’s possible, but the former All-American shouldn’t have been teed up for it.

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