Duke and Albany have canceled their match up on Nov. 12 due to the HB2 law (Ellen Ozier / Associated Press)

The Duke Blue Devils released the non-conference schedule yesterday, and the Albany Great Danes were set to come to town on November 12. The University of Albany is a part of the SUNY — State University of New York — school system, and Governor Andrew Cuomo recently prohibited any state-sponsored, non-essential trips to North Carolina because of the House Bill 2.

The law is not only an anti-discrimination law but a bathroom law as well. Essentially, the bill states that transgender individuals must use the bathroom that correlates with their birth gender; it also says that businesses cannot reject a job applicant for being transgender.

Karl Lunetta, media relations director at Albany, provided this statement to the Times Union, “The State University of New York supports Governor Cuomo’s executive order banning all non-essential travel to the state of North Carolina, and we instructed our campuses to immediately review any existing travel plans by faculty and staff. SUNY and its campuses continue to support the Governor on taking this stand.”

Matt Bonesteel of the Washington Post pointed out that other Division I SUNY schools, Stony Brook, Binghamton, and Buffalo have no games scheduled in North Carolina; Syracuse does, but being a private institution, they’re not subject to Cuomo’s law.

As of now, Duke has not selected an opponent to take the slot.