John Wall is on the verge of NBA superstardom, and he has plenty of draw, despite what Colin Cowherd thinks.

The Fox Sports radio personality touched on the play of John Wall on The Herd Thursday. Cowherd essentially said that the point guard for the Washington Wizards is great, but he’s not a superstar and the Wiz “have no fans” (per Michael Fowler of Fox Sports). He doesn’t think anybody wants to watch Washington, whereas they want to watch the ever-growing history of the Boston Celtics, their current opponent.

There is some validity to this take, considering the Wizards were on NBA TV in their first-round series against the Atlanta Hawks. They were also just 20th in the league in average attendance (according to ESPN). Let’s not blame Wall and the rest of the Wiz for that, though.

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Nonetheless, it’s not like people don’t recognize what the uber-athletic point guard does on a nightly basis. He’s established himself as one of the top-tier players in the NBA, and he was second in the league in assists per game. In these playoffs “Optimus Dime” has posted 28.1 points, 10.5 assists, and 2.0 steals per game. He’s also first in the playoffs in total assists and steals.

Wall’s been as electric as usual, finishing rim-rattling dunks with his non-dominant left hand, knocking in 37.5% of his threes and dropping all kinds of dimes. He’s one of the most entertaining players to watch in transition, and his Game 6 closeout of the Hawks showed the full array. Wall’s stat line was 42 points, eight helpers, four steals and two rejections. And that included 19 points in the fourth to say goodbye to the ATL.

Needless to say, people know that Wall is great, and you don’t have to be a knowledgeable basketball fan to realize he’s been exceptional. I can’t say I’m going to jump off the couch for every play in a Wizards game, but Wall is one of the guys that simply leaps off the TV every time he plays. Clearly, Cowherd isn’t a fan, but that’s just Colin.

He has guys he loves, and guys he hates. I’m a fan of The Herd, and he’s just failing to realize he’s missed the mark big time on Wall. His assist rate in these playoffs is 45.6 percent (per The Wizards are completely lost without him, and if you can’t respect him now, shame on you Colin.

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