West Virginia’s execution was bad. Like, really bad. 

The object of basketball is to put the ball in the basket more times than your opponent. How you do it is up to you. Sometimes you can pass and sometimes you don’t need to, and the West Virginia Mountaineers elected to go with the latter on the final possession of their season.

Jevon Carter shot two ill-advised shots before handing the ball to his teammate with almost no time to get a shot off. If the final stand is going to play out that way, your team doesn’t deserve a bucket. I think the most maddening thing is this — they had so much time.

I mean, it’s hard to criticize Carter because he was the only one having success offensively, but, come on.

But even Chris Webber realized they had more than enough time!

This game was horrendous offensively from the start, but this sequence pretty much sums up West Virginia. They shot 27 percent from the field and 22 percent from three, but it also summarizes Gonzaga. The Bulldogs are an elite defense, and they played that way. Mark Few’s team stifled their opponent down the stretch and what they did to force that tragic last possession needs to be complimented.

Gonzaga wasn’t much better on offense and shot just 41 percent, but they were able to win an ugly team against a team who loves to rattle their opponents and get under their skin.

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