Jordan McRae and Kay Felder dominated the Lakers during Thursday's matchup (Getty Images)

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Summer League team is gunning for a title, and when they matched up against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, Jordan McRae, and Kay Felder looked like a miniature version of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving from not too long ago. The duo took over the game in the fourth quarter, combined for 56 points overall, and led the Cavs to the 88-80 victory.

McRae, 36p-9r-12/22FG-11/13FT

Jordan McRae seemingly got whatever he wanted last night and didn’t relent when he attacked the Lakers defense. He did everything himself — literally. The Orange Mamba adopted the playstyle of a certain great with a similar nicknameĀ and didn’t dish out a single assist in his 34 minutes of play. It wasn’t a big deal as McRae shot a great overall percentage, and he looked very comfortable creating for himself and was very effective running the pick-and-roll. He snaked into the lane a number of times, and when he didn’t convert, he was able to draw the contact and connect on his free throws.

Felder, 20p-3a-9/19FG

The shortest player on the floor had no issues asserting himself in Thursday’s action. A bevy of floaters, quick pull-up jump shots, and high-off-the-glass layups allowed Felder to hit the 20-point mark, and he helped McRae take over the game in the fourth quarter. It was remarkable watching Kay attackĀ and finish over bigger defenders. Although it’s something that he’s been doing since his college days, playing at Oakland didn’t get him the publicity that major Division I programs got, so Felder’s game went somewhat unnoticed. He didn’t settle for a ton of outside shots, either, and he dished out three of the Cavaliers’ five assists.

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