Golden State is seeking up to $20 million for ad placement on their jerseys (Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

The most marketable team in the NBA, with one of the most polarizing people on the planet in Stephen Curry, is seeking at least $15 million for an advertisement on their jersey for next season, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN. Their price point is reportedly the highest of any team in the league, and the sponsors 2.5inch by 2.5inch patch would be placed on the upper left chest starting in the 2017-18 season.

On the opposite shoulder would be the Nike swoosh, as Nike and the NBA worked out an agreement for the company to produce all of the league’s apparel.

Since Adam Silver announced the new program, just one team has struck a deal with a company, and the Philadelphia 76ers signed a three-year deal with Stubhub that’s valued at $5 million per year.

The Warriors were covered exhaustively this past year by almost everyone. Albeit because they were chasing, and ended up breaking, the Bulls regular season wins record. The coverage won’t stop, however, as the franchise signed Kevin Durant not too long ago and constructed a superteam that’s being vilified by the league.

How about that for a marketing strategy?

It remains to be seen, however, if Durant will be around for the 2017-18 season as he signed a two-year deal with an opt-out after the first.

Rovell went on to cite Eric Smallwood of Apex Marketing Group, a company who evaluates sponsorship deals to maximize the potential for their clients. Smallwood said that the greatest return on investment would be with the premier teams in the NBA since they appear on more nationally televised games.

Companies would fight for the spaces on the jerseys of the Warriors and Cavs for sure because they’re the superior teams in the league, but the markets of New York, Los Angeles, and Miami could appeal to potential buyers strictly because of the market they’re in — possibly even Toronto, because who wouldn’t want to have Drake sit next to the logo of their company?

The NBA agreed to a three-year grace period that starts in 2017-18 to see how the new system performs.

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