Victor Oladipo made his return to Oklahoma City, but Russell’s Westbrook‘s triple-double stole the spotlight. 

Russell Westbrook - 28 points, 16 assists, 10 rebounds

It was career triple-double number 81 for Russell Westbrook. It happened just as similarly as the other 80, except Russ was more efficient because he’s got a better supporting cast this year. He was hellbent on attacking the Indiana Pacers‘ poor defense, and the Oklahoma City Thunder opened the game with a handful of easy buckets that came off of pinpoint passes by the reigning MVP. At the end of the night, Basketball Reference noted that Westbrook assisted on 74.5 percent of his teammates’ buckets, and Carmelo Anthony (28 points) and Steven Adams (17 points) were the most prominent benefactors.

Victor Oladipo - 35 points, five rebounds

When Victor Oladipo was with the Thunder, we didn’t see performances like this. His 35 points were a game-high, and he got them by going 11-of-18 from the floor in what would turn into a blowout with the Pacers losing 114-96. Putting that aside, Oladipo looked spectacular serving as the centerpiece of the offense. Myles Turner hasn’t played since opening night, and that means Oladipo is getting more shots. And he’s relishing in it. This showing against the Thunder puts his scoring average at 26.0, which is seventh overall and 10.1 points higher than last season. Further, he’s getting his points from all over and isn’t relegated to chucking up bad looks at the end of the shot clock.

Stephen Curry - 30 points, five assists, four rebounds

Wednesday night was peak Steph Curry (except for the fact he missed seven of his 11 threes). He was just all over the place and tormented the Toronto Raptors all night long. Had his three-ball been falling more consistently, this game wouldn’t have been a nail-biter down the stretch. Curry, however, adjusted and focused his attack on the interior. He dribbled through defenders and attacked the cup but got more calls than we’re used to. By night’s end, he had gone to the foul line eight times where he made all eight, and he’s now the NBA’s leader is attempts from the charity stripe at 47. Down the stretch, Steph buried one of his triples to give Golden State a 115-112 lead and then sealed the game with a steal on Toronto’s final possession.

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