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Three-Man Weave: Goran Dragic, Devin Booker Have High-Octane Shootout

by Zach Cronin

Few things are more entertaining than two All-Star caliber guards going at each other, and Devin Booker and Goran Dragic made the most of their meeting.

Goran Dragic - 29 points, nine rebounds, four assists

Gordan Dragic has quietly been one of the top guards in the Eastern Conference over the last few years. His 29 on Wednesday was a season-high and brought his average to 20.2. Dragic plays a bit differently compared to his contemporaries and doesn’t rely on the three-ball that much. Instead, he rammed the Phoenix Suns possession after possession after possession, finishing a perfect 10-of-10 from the foul line. The Miami Heat came out victorious, 126 to 115, even though it was a high-scoring game. Miami usually doesn’t have their offense running with such potency.

Nikola Vucevic - 24 points, five rebounds, four steals

The Orlando Magic have cooled off a bit after torching everyone out of the gate, and are now third in the conference after beating the New York Knicks 112-99. Vucevic is having the most efficient season of his career and took advantage of a Knicks team that was without Kristaps Porzingis. He needed 16 shots to get to his total for the night, and that’s because the officials were a little reluctant to blow their whistle. Vuecvic attempted just three free throws but made all three. He also stayed hot from downtown and is now shooting over 41 percent for the season, a clip that nobody saw coming after last year.

Devin Booker - 30 points, six assists, three rebounds

Despite getting trounced, Devin Booker had a solid night. The only blemish on his stat line was the horrid 39.1 percent he shot from the floor, which he negated after making 11 of his 13 free throws. Booker’s shot just didn’t fall, and he adapted by being more a playmaker than usual. He’s not known for his passing, but it was the third time this year that Booker handed out six or more dimes, and he’s also averaging a career-best 3.8. For Booker to take that next step, serving as more than a scorer would be tremendous, and the game against the Heat showed that he could do it if he’s not feeling selfish.

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