Sweet ride (silversea.com)

The best basketball players in the world have decided to spend their time at the 2016 Olympics in Rio on an outrageously luxurious cruise ship. The yacht will be docked at the Port of Rio, and a “multinational corporation” is paying for the monstrosity; Cisco, a computer network company that sponsors USAB and the International Olympic Committee, is the reported organization.

So, what does this water-born 5-star hotel have that the Olympic dorms don’t? Well, according to Kyle Newport of Bleacher Report, it starts with beds that are comfortable and long enough for the larger players to sleep on. Chefs, a pool, and a library are a few of the other commodities, and they only make up three.

The basketball team not staying with America’s other athletes is nothing new, and no USABMNT has done that since 1988. Regardless, all of the United States’ athletes support each other, according to this statement from Craig Miller:

“USA Basketball teams haven’t stayed in the Olympic Village since the 1988 teams did. Our teams are extremely active in supporting their U.S. teammates.”

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