Steve Kerr hasn’t been on the Warriors sideline in quite some time, and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back. 

The NBA Finals are set to tip-off this Thursday, and, as of Monday, Kerr doesn’t think he’ll be on the bench for the first game, according to Anthony Slater. Luckily, he’s feeling “a bit better.”

“As of right now, I would not coach Thursday night,” said Kerr to the media. “But it’s still up in the air.”

He’s been dealing with complications from back surgery for nearly two years. This is the second-straight season where he’s had to miss time, and his absence from the first 43 games of 2015-16 led to the incredible rise of Luke Walton. Mike Brown has been serving as the interim since Game 3 of the series against the Portland Trail Blazers, and Golden State has suffered no hiccups. They’re a perfect 12-0 and are firing on all cylinders.

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If the problems persist, Kerr may sit out for the entire series. However, he plans to travel with the team to Cleveland for the games that they play there.

“Once we get to Game 1 it might be a good time to make a decision one way or another,” continued Kerr. “I’m going to Cleveland.”

Whether it’s taxing for the rest of his staff, he’s done his best to stay involved with the team, just to help keep everyone on the same page. Unless there’s something strange happening behind closed doors, the Warriors are playing better than ever before, and the irrational decision would be to dump Kerr for Brown. (That’s not happening, Dub Nation. But, I’m sure there’s someone on the Internet begging for it.)

“I’ve been in every meeting, every film session, every practice. I address the team quite a bit. I think my messaging is important, and I think we’ve found the right balance. It is awkward, it is weird, but we’re doing OK.”

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