Since the Golden State Warriors blew their 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, the people on the internet aren’t the only ones who haven’t forgotten. The jokes have been relentless, and superstar Stephen Curry still isn’t over the loss in Game 7 that ruined his back-to-back championship aspirations.

During a brief interview with Sam Amick of USA TODAY Sports, Stephen Curry had a bit to say about the biggest moment in his basketball career:

I still haven’t gotten over Game 7. That’s something that will stay with me pretty much forever, for good and bad reasons. Obviously you hated the feeling, but it’s also a motivator to come back even stronger and try not to have that feeling again.

I’m at that point now where I can try to fuel any kind of terrible nightmares or thoughts about Game 7 into motivation for how I’m going to prepare myself for this year.

The Chef finished with just 17 points on 6/19 shooting in the elimination game. Had he been on, Golden State would’ve likely repeated as champions since Cleveland barely edged them out, 93-89.

Nothing worked for him in the close out game, and the league’s best three-point shooter came up with a cold 4/14 performance from downtown.

What makes the loss in the seventh game especially painful is that the Warriors had control of the series–commanding control. Draymond Green‘s suspension for Game 5 didn’t help their case, but it was the otherworldly play of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving who led the Cavaliers to regain momentum. Curry, the back-to-back MVP, wasn’t able to keep pace with them.

Even if Green had been present, I don’t believe it would’ve gone any different. He was there in Game 4, and while his presence on defense helps tremendously, it was 63 points from the Splash Brothers that put Golden State over the hump.

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The Cavaliers won the following games, opposed to the Warriors losing them. James was simply unstoppable, and he played like the all-time great that he is; dare I say, he was Jordan-esque.

After a 38-point outburst in Game 4, Curry’s production took a hit, and he put up 25, 30, and 17 over the final three games. All of those totals were quiet, though. Simply put, he was outplayed. And I know he was dealing with injuries, but the best show up when it matters.

Let’s also not put all the blame on Curry, though. Yes, he played poorly. But can someone explain why Green only attempted five shots in the second half of Game 7 after going for 22 in the first?

Regardless, what’s done is done. As Golden State moves beyond their heartbreaking collapse, optimism from the organization will put everyone in the correct mind frames as the season approaches. Signing Kevin Durant makes them the favorites to win the Finals next year, and it’ll most likely feature a rematch with Cleveland.

Data courtesy of Basketball-Reference

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