The highly anticipated matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder was much more lopsided than expected, with Kevin Durant stealing Russell Westbrook‘s spotlight. 

After a soul-sapping 39-point, seven rebound performance, complete with much trash talk, Durant and the Dubs walked out of Oracle with a convincing 122-96 victory over KD’s former team. Westbrook, the other half of the main event, had a night that wasn’t as explosive, and he tallied just 20 points on a piddling 4/15 shooting with ten assists.

After the game, Westbrook was taken aback by the amount of smack-talk the Warriors were doing, and Durant was especially chatty.

Enes Kanter and Durant had the most memorable conversation, and the Thunder’s backup center was jawing at Durant from OKC’s bench.

The four-time scoring champ also had some not-nice words for newest Thunder member Jerami Grant, who got Durant started after staring him down after dunking on him.

Lip readers, what did Kevin Durant say to Jerami Grant?

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Four expletives in a row–impressive.

Over the course of his eight seasons with the Thunder, Durant never showed that side of him; maybe it’s a byproduct of spending so much time with Draymond Green.

The next time these two face off is January 18 in Oakland.

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