More news about Kyrie Irving keeps surfacing, and the latest report involves the communication line between him and his teammates. 

You know it by now: Kyrie Irving isn’t happy. Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland. It’s the same story, but no new chapter is similar to the last. Most recently, ESPN’s Dave McMenamin said that James Jones saw Kyrie “go consecutive days without speaking to a teammate at practice.”

The comments came on The BBall Breakdown Podcast, and Jones said it happened between the first and second rounds. I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but that sounds like Irving did this multiple times.

Kyrie doesn’t want to be a sidekick to LeBron James anymore. That’s the entire basis of his trade request. He longs to be the face of a franchise. Why he froze out his teammates is puzzling. We don’t know how long he’s been bitter about his situation, so that could play a part in it. There’s also the chance that the enormity of his decision has weighed on him.

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I’m only speculating, but Irving probably spent a decent amount of time considering the decision to air his grievances about his role with the Cavs. Additionally, he had to have known that, if he spilled the beans, it would get out and send everyone into a frenzy.

That exact thing has happened. Kyrie’s name hasn’t left the air since the report surfaced last month, and the rumors aren’t going anywhere until something happens. Even if Dan Gilbert says they’re not trading him, teams are still going to present offers, hoping that they can persuade the Cavs to make something happen.

With two years left on Irving’s contract, Cleveland doesn’t have to make a move immediately. All the leverage is theirs. Conversely, Irving isn’t in the position to spite them because it’s going to reflect poorly on him.

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