There are a ton of great players in the NBA. In recent years via the NBA draft and a rising salary cap, owners and GMs have been able to pair up different players and see them turn into superstars.

The following list includes five of the most entertaining and deadly duos of teammates the league can offer. The list isn’t constructed much on numbers — although statistics are considered — but more on the players skill level and how much fun they are to watch.

Players are ranked as if they’re fully healthy; it’s like what duos would be the most fun to watch if there was a 2-on-2 tournament being played.

6. Blake Griffin & Chris Paul

Lob city wouldn’t be lob city if one of these two weren’t present. Chris Paul is one of the greatest point guards of all time, but Blake Griffin has risen to become the superstar of the Clippers. The pick-and-roll is run marvelously by these two, and both their scoring abilities make them one of the most lethal PnR combinations in the NBA. Both guys can play isolation ball as well, with CP3 turning it into a dance rather than a basketball game.

Don’t underestimate Blake Griffin’s ability to dance, either. While he lives in the post, Griffin has been known to whip out a behind-the-back move while running in transition. Along with flying through the air like Elliott from E.T.

5. LeBron James & Kyrie Irving

In Cleveland, LeBron has cemented himself as king. Kyrie, by default, is relegated to the role of a prince. LeBron & Kyrie have developed quite a chemistry over their couple of seasons and LeBron has allowed Kyrie to steal the show multiple times. On the fastbreak, these two are thrilling. James is known as a freight train and for good reason, but Kyrie has an amazing ability to finish around the rim with such flair and efficiency.

When it comes to one-on-one, however, Irving is the go-to guy. He and Steph Curry are always debated as the best ball handlers, but the ways they handle the rock are different. Irving has an incredibly tight handle and strings multiple moves together before unleashing embarrassment on his defender. Usually, he’ll cross you. After he crosses you, he’ll wait for you to recover and cross you again.

Often, he’ll cross you. After he crosses you, he’ll wait for you to recover and cross you again.

4. Russell Westbrook & Kevin Durant

Recently, Russell Westbrook stated that he choose to play LB over RB because he enjoyed hitting people. It all makes sense when you watch the savagery he plays with, and the mayhem he unleashes on the rim. Despite a knee injury last season, Westbrook has been able to bounce back and is now seen as the most athletic player in the league. There’s nothing fancy about his game — it’s all power. A lighting quick first step gets him by you, and if you’re fortunate enough to recover, he’ll finish anyway, disregarding your presence and attempt at defense.

Kevin Durant is the opposite and a really nice contrast to Westbrook’s style. KD is nowhere near the athlete Russ is, but Russ is nowhere near the shooting machine that KD is. At almost seven feet tall, his ability to shoot, along with his handle, makes him an elite threat — even without his length. The one thing that separates Durant from other great scorers is he can literally get off a shot no matter where he is, or who’s guarding him.

3. Damian Lillard & C.J. McCollum

Both guys have been dominating opponents lately and have put Portland back on the map. Both men are bona fide scorers with an ability to shoot and are proficient at getting to the rack. Lillard, however, is a cold-blooded killer. He plays with such a chip on his shoulder, and it’s mesmerizing to watch him play. Especially once he heats up.

I don’t know if he feels disrespected — which he is — but whatever he thinks is working. A few days ago he matched up with Steph Curry and the Warriors and proceeded to torch the league’s best team with 51 points. McCollum gets to watch from the court, and at times decides to pitch in 25 or 30 points of his own. I’m not sure what, but there’s something about watching underdogs play really well.

2. Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson

Doesn’t matter what era of basketball you like the most, you can’t not like two of the best shooters in NBA history. Steph Curry is doing things we’ve never seen happen, and Klay Thompson waits, patiently, for his time to come. When Thompson’s time is right, he can put up 20 points in a quarter with no issue, as can Curry. [Thompson’s] release is so quick and high that even a fantastic closeout doesn’t do much. His mid-range and around the basket finishing make his outside shot even more lethal.

Stated earlier in the Kyrie slide, Curry’s handles are the only one’s in the league that can compete with Irving, but it’s different. Curry is one or two moves and a shot, leaving you no time to react on defense. Just because he doesn’t have elaborate combinations of moves doesn’t mean he can’t break ankles; he’s just as lethal as Uncle Drew. He, much like Irving, can also get into the paint and finish with a full array of moves.

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