Reports circulated today that LeBron James and Kevin Durant recorded a rap song together back in 2011. It actually happened. 

This is tremendous. Not only are James and Durant going head-to-head in the NBA Finals, but we’re on the cusp of having their never-before-heard single being released to the public. Spider Studios — a spot where the likes of Chimaira and Machine Gun Kelly have recorded — in Cleveland posted a 23-second clip on their Twitter.

One million retweets may be a lot to ask, but it’ll (hopefully) come close. As far as the music is concerned, it doesn’t sound half-bad considering neither has ever taken rap seriously.

It’s not as lyrical as Kendrick, as emotional as Drake or as melodic as Migos, but it would undoubtedly be in more than enough music libraries because of how big both Durant and James are. However, neither is challenging Damian Lillard as the NBA’s best MC. Both of them are much better than Kobe Bryant, though.

As it stands, James is a better basketball player than Durant. That conversation may begin to intensify after the Finals but, after hearing KD on wax, Durant certainly has an edge when it comes to bars.

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