During the Boston Celtics Game 3 loss to the Washington Wizards, Isaiah Thomas got into it with a heckler. 

The Wizards were in the midst of beating the brakes off the Celtics, and Thomas got into with a fan who was reportedly heckling him for the length of the game. In a video courtesy of The Sporty Traveler on Instagram, Thomas and the heckler have part of their exchange recorded, and Nik DeCosta-Kilpa of boston.com reported that NBA spokesman Tim Frank is “aware and reviewing” what transpired.

Caution: video contains foul language

“I will f-k you up, and you know that,” is what Thomas appears to mouth at his heckler, and it’s unfortunate we can’t get a clear look because of someone walking in front of the camera. Regardless, I’m going to play it safe here and assume that Thomas is clearly talking about playing that person one-on-one and not in an actual fight. On the court, yeah, my money’s on I.T. However, what would happen if these two boxed?

Thomas is big for his size, but we don’t know the measurements of his would-be opponent. Still, I think the 5-9 All-Star is a safe bet.

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Washington handed out a beatdown of their own and went on to win Game 3 116-89, and then pummeled the Celtics in Game 4, 121-102. Heading into Wednesday night, the series is tied at two games.

If I.T. is penalized for this, his fine is likely to be $25,000 because he’s directing profanity at a fan. Although, basketball players are humans too, and getting blown out on the road certainly isn’t going to mellow anybody out.

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