The NBPA is looking to avoid another lockout (Peter Foley / Bloomberg News)

According to a source cited by Kurt Helin of NBC Sports, the ongoing talks between the players’ union and the NBA about the Collective Bargaining Agreement seem to be going in different directions. The likely-hood of another lockout is unlikely after the NBA inked a new television deal, leading to an influx of cash for all those involved.

Helin argues his initial take by bringing “human greed” into the equation after all the players saw the contracts that were handed out at the beginning of this offseason, and also how owners might want to see action taken after Kevin Durant left to form a superteam with the Golden State Warriors.

Despite the possibility stated above, both commissioner Adam Silver and NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts are optimistic that a lockout can be avoided, according to an interview with Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe.

“I can’t [discuss the talks] because I promised [not to]. I’m not going to be too terribly substantive but I will say I do believe and [Commissioner] Adam [Silver], I hope he agrees, he and I continue to maintain a civil relationship. I actually like him. I think that he’s a pro.

“We’ve had discussions. Our teams have been in discussions for some months now and we have made progress and we’re inclined to continue along those lines. We have meetings this summer and we’re meeting next week and [consistently] after that. We’re trying to get a deal as quickly as we can, ideally before the start of the season.

“I’ve heard Adam proclaim his optimism. I’ve proclaimed mine, so I would like to sooner rather than later be able to have a press conference where we both stand together and announce together that we have a deal and there will be no work stoppage. There will be no lockout.

“Having said that, I gotta be ready for anything. But I am optimistic.”

The last lockout season was the 2011-12 campaign, and the season was shortened to 66 games with opening night being pushed all the way back to Christmas Day.