Lonzo Ball and the Lakers took on the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night, and Ball had one of Vegas’ best performances. 

No, Lonzo Ball isn’t a superstar. No, he won’t be a bust if he plays poorly in the next game. As with anyone in the Summer League, it’s important not to jump to conclusions and just enjoy the show that they’re putting on. Wednesday, the Sixers took on the Lakers without Markelle Fultz and fell to the 103-102. Ball had an incredible performance — 36 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds and five steals.

(I’m sorry for the bad pun. It was too easy. Never again, though. I pinkie promise.)

Ball showed out as the second overall pick should. He had total control of every aspect of the game and looked like the player we saw at UCLA. Pinpoint passes of all sorts whizzed by the heads of several 76ers, and Lonzo’s explosive scoring night came without an accurate three-point shot.

By night’s end, he connected on three of his 10 attempts. Ball remained aggressive and was 9-of-12 on twos and also from the free throw line, and that puts more pressure on the defense because he’s too outstanding a passer to miss open guys once they collapse on him.

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LeBron James was one of the people who got to soak in Lonzo’s performance. Despite the little back-and-forth he and LaVar had a couple of months back about James’ kids, LeBron, at least publically, doesn’t appear to be taking anything out on Lonzo, furthering the point that he doesn’t express his father’s views.

In the night’s most bizarre move, Ball ditched the ZO2’s for a pair of Kobe’s, which garnered some attention from James. It was interesting. “At BBB, you can wear whatever you want… might as well get the Mamba Mentality going,” said Lonzo postgame when asked about his wardrobe change.

Will Ball keep his regular season rotation strictly to the ZO2’s? Will he ever don LeBron’s as a recruiting effort? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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  • Michael Pennant

    Another pathetic showing by the defense of the Sixers/ Again giving up +100pts and +50%fg in summer league no less. I thought Ball was hurt yesterday. Maybe he should be selling miracle pain pills because it sure looks like he was ducking Fox the whole time. Your star draft pick has a groin injury in summer league why would you risk him injuring it any further UNLESS he wasn’t really injured in the first place and Magic didn’t want him to get lit up by Fox again.