Starting in the early 2000s and continuing for almost ten seasons, Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter were two of the most exciting athletes to watch. Debates ensued to try and figure out who was better, all while they were embarrassing opponents and turning heads around the league. However, Wednesday night marked the 30th meeting between the two aging superstars. The final meeting between the two is Friday in Los Angeles.

The Lakers traveled to Memphis and were unable to beat the Grizzlies in Kobe’s last game there, the final score was 128-119. Carter and Bryant didn’t play much and put up modest numbers; Kobe scored 13 points, had one rebound, and two assists. Carter had nine points, one rebound, and two assists.

Over 18 years ago is when the first game was played between these guys and it was a fantastic showing. Second-year player Vince Carter went shot-for-shot with Kobe, who was on his way to cementing himself as a premier talent in the league. Vinsanity outscored Kobe 29-26, but the Raptors took the loss. With the Lakers loss on Wednesday, Kobe fell to 19-11 in games against Vince Carter.

After the game, the former AAU teammates had a heartfelt embrace, consisting of pounds on both the back and chest, similar to almost every other embrace Kobe has experienced this year. Before that, though, the two couldn’t help but exchange a laugh after Kobe does what he does best.