The New York Knicks are looking to start fresh this year, and head coach Jeff Hornacek is moving away from the triangle offense. 

During Phil Jackson‘s tenure with the New York Knicks, his insistence on running the triangle was interesting at first, but it quickly evolved into annoying and then hilarious. After four-straight losing seasons, the Knicks moved on from Jackson, and are moving on from his offense.

Jarrett Jack, one of the Knicks’ most recent signings, says that Hornacek is working non-stop to implement this new offense. “Coach has been here every day, having all sorts of conversations,” said Jack, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News. “There’s a transition to not playing in the triangle and this new offense he’s putting in, so all of that has been real fun, real enlightening.”

The foundation of the triangle can be inserted into any offense. It’s basic. What makes the offense tough to run is the lack of personnel, players who are unselfish with high basketball IQs. Hornacek is looking to keep some inklings of the triangle, but Jack hasn’t seen anything yet.

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“If there are, he hasn’t implemented them yet,” he explained. “So far, it’s a lot much more fast-paced offense, moving cutting, more ball movement.”

As players in the NBA become more versatile, having a system that limits isolation is key. The Knicks are one of the teams who can benefit from a motion offense. Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis work great with each other, but having multiple possessions where the ball doesn’t skip around the perimeter is a problem. Both guys have been busy this offseason, and haven’t yet attended Hornacek’s workouts. (I’m sure they’re thrilled to hear about this change.)

Porzingis was over in Europe competing in the EuroBasket tournament, whereas Anthony was in Manhattan developing his alter ego, Hoodie Melo, with personal trainer Chris Brickley.

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