To say the Golden State Warriors shellacked the Los Angeles Clippers would be an understatement. At one point Tuesday night, the Dubs doubled up the score on LA and led 102-51 at the end of the third. Klay Thompson was a huge part of it and clearly over his poor performance in Rio.

While a member of the National Team, Thompson shot a dismal 36 percent from the field and 33 percent from three–very unlike him. Against the Clippers, though, everything was working. The 26-year-old exploded for 30 points on 10/14 shooting in just 21 minutes, and his shots were falling from all over.

The Dubs were unselfish, as expected, and Thompson was the beneficiary of multiple extra passes that led to open threes. Moreover, the other shots he attempted came in the flow of the offense and would’ve happened with or without Kevin Durant on the court.

Sacrificing shots doesn’t appear to be an issue. In fact, if this trend continues, Klay will have the chance to be Golden State’s leading scorer.

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Thompson did his usual thing and came off of a variety of well-set screens by Zaza Pachulia and David West. Some were defended poorly, like this one where DeAndre Jordan doesn’t come up and gives Thompson a wide-open look:

DeAndre Jordan doesn't want to come up and defend Klay Thompson, so he gives him an open jumper.
That’s eight or nine feet of room for one of the best shooters in the NBA’s history.

Even the ones that were defended properly, KT is such an outstanding shooter with a tremendously quick release that even the smallest bit of daylight is too much–you know what they say: give a man an inch, and he’ll take a mile.

The biggest issues surrounding Thompson is his sustainability. Golden State has played a ton of games over the last two seasons, and Thompson has been there for almost all of them. In total–regular season, playoffs, and Olympics–the other Splash Brother has played in 210 contests. It’s not as intense as it looks, though, because the minutes aren’t outrageously high.

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In Rio, KT averaged just above 21 minutes a night; in the regular season that amount was near 32, and it jumped above 36 for the playoffs.

With an even more lethal lineup, the Warriors could see more blowouts than last year and all four superstars’ bodies won’t be too taxed. Even if Thompson were to go cold, all the firepower around him would keep the Dubs afloat for however long they needed.

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