During a time where the NBA is loading with talent, Kevin Durant has been able to remain a superstar and franchise-changing player. With the league having such a bevy of athletes of that caliber, ESPN anchors David Lloyd and Cari Champion gave viewers their list of five players they’d start a franchise with.

On the Sportscenter episode, the duo was joined by ESPN NBA insider Chris Broussard, who was quite appalled at who was left off the lists. David and Cari’s lists were almost the same as Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and Draymond Green appeared on both lists. For the fifth player, Cari had LeBron James and David had Kawhi Leonard.

Notice the lack of a near seven-foot sharpshooter who has led the league in scoring four times. Mr. Lloyd brings up a valid point regarding KD’s injuries, as a foot injury sidelined him for 55 games last season. But Cari Champion interjected and said that “he doesn’t have heart.”

I enjoyed First Take while she was the host and I respect her opinions on topics like this because she has incredible sports knowledge — especially in basketball. But for her to say that Kevin Durant doesn’t have heart is appalling. Kevin Durant is a great athlete and of the best scorers of all-time, so he deserves a spot on this list.

We all know about the extensive collection of accomplishments KD has: four-time scoring champion, seven-time all-star, regular season & All-Star game MVP, Durant can ball and he definitely warrants some consideration for starting a franchise.

Maybe he doesn’t show as much emotion as his cohort, Russell Westbrook, but that’s not really his nature; he does show emotion, though.

There’s one particular instance that resonates with basketball players and fans, and that’s the speech that Durant gave after he received the 2013-14 NBA MVP.

“You’re the real MVP,” Durant uttered to his mother as he sniffled and started to tear before the room erupted into applause.

That, ladies and gentlemen, that’s what it looks like to have heart.

If you’re looking for someone to start a franchise with, you need someone whose emotions go beyond basketball. You need someone who’s a great person, and Kevin Durant has shown us that.