We can finally end the speculation! The great Kendrick Perkins shined some light on the Durant-Westbrook dynamic on Monday. 

On an episode of Kevin Garnett‘s “Area 21,” Perkins joined the 2008 Celtics reunion and hinted at the audience that former teammates Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant don’t have made-up beef. The “feud” between the two superstars was rightfully thought after Durant bolted to Golden State this past summer, and neither has addressed the topic in full since it happened.

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Perkins spent time on the Thunder from late 2011 to 2014, and he said that Durant and Westbrook had a “nice conversation” after Russ broke the triple-double record.

Before Durant left, the duo had spent eight years as teammates, and most of them resulted in wild success. They didn’t win a championship, but, year after year, the Thunder were among the NBA’s best teams and were borderline contenders. After what transpired in the summer, a cupcake post and Westbrook’s repeated dismissal of questions about Durant hinted that the two wanted nothing to do with each other.

If that were the case, so be it. But, I will admit, the media did play a part in prolonging the idea of their “beef.” Westbrook is the kind of player who doesn’t give attention to anyone outside of his teammates during the season, and that’s fine. He doesn’t have to worry about what his friends are doing.

The two appeared to have made up during the All-Star Game when Durant threw an alley-oop to a streaking Westbrook that caused the West’s bench to overexaggerate their celebration.

Regardless of their relationship, Durant’s fixated on a championship run. Westbrook’s thinking about how he and the Thunder can build on this season.

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