With a nickname like ‘The Klaw,’ it’s obvious that Kawhi Leonard is sporting some big mitts. His hands have always been a topic of conversation, and those paws are one of the physical tools that make him such an excellent NBA player.

At the 2011 Draft Combine, Leonard’s hands measured 9.75″ long and 11.25″ wide, giving him the second biggest hands in his class; keep in mind Leonard is 6’6″ without shoes. Kawhi Leonard and the rest of the players invited to All-Star weekend were in Toronto on Thursday to kick off the festivities.

Leonard was invited onto the Inside the NBA set for an interview with EJ, Shaq, Kenny, and Charles. They started off with the typical questions about Kawhi and his role with the Spurs, finishing up with what nickname he liked best. After hearing his answer, Ernie asks Leonard to put his hand up next to Shaq’s — the 7’1″ Shaquille O’Neal.

Kawhi Leonard’s hands are huge. So huge in fact they’re only slightly smaller than Shaquille O’Neal’s. The reactions from Kenny and EJ are awesome, as EJ says the comparison is “frightening.”

What makes this even better is that Kawhi Leonard is leading the NBA in three-point percentage with these claws. 

See the full interview below: 

*Photo Credit: Sarah from Twitter – @WildHorses65*