Watch: Jeremy Lin Drops 21 On Detroit, Botches Wide-Open Layup

The Brooklyn Nets pulled out a very impressive 101-94 victory over the Detroit Pistons Thursday night, and Jeremy Lin wasted no time showing off in his Nets debut. On 7/11 shooting, Lin tallied 21 points against Detroit, but he was a remarkable 5/8 from downtown.

Historically, Lin’s inaccuracy from three was his biggest issue. Reportedly, he spent all summer working on his jump shot because he knew it was a big hole in his game. It didn’t deviate much from his original shooting form, but it must be better because all but one of his threes hit no rim.

He rounded out his stat line with three rebounds and one assist. And also one hilariously flubbed layup.

As he was going up for a wide-open layup after a steal, his hand hit the rim (I think), causing the ball to go backward, resulting in the first air-balled layup of the 2016-17 NBA season.

Also, notice how his gather is four-possibly five-steps.

Putting his mishap behind, his debut in Brooklyn was incredible, and Nets fans have a player to be excited about as the season progresses.