It’s been months since the Boston Celtics traded Isaiah Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and people are still asking him about it. 

Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics played on Christmas day. Cleveland had a 3:00 p.m. meeting with the Golden State Warriors. Boston followed them with a 5:30 matchup against the Washington Wizards. Isaiah Thomas, who didn’t play, is gearing up to return early in January from a hip injury. He’s, however, faced incessant questioning about his trade from Beantown.

On Tuesday, Thomas went on a little Twitter rant to clear the air and probably to release some frustrations. The deal went down in August. Thomas has been dealing with this for more than four months:

“It’s funny how people think I keep bringing up the dumbass trade situation. It’s the media asking the same dumbass questions about it. So it’s obvious they want to keep it going. It’s not like when I’m interviewed I’m asking them can you PLEASE bring up the trade please lol.

“I will always love Boston. That city and organization gave me a opportunity to be a superstar and I took it and ran with it. I am a Cleveland Cavalier now and I’m more than happy to be one. Just sit back and Watch how special 2018 is going to be! #PositiveVibesONLY #ThatSLOWgrind.

“Don’t get mad at me like im sitting here wanting to still talk about the trade. Get mad at the person interviewing me lol. Get mad at the questions not the REAL answers! These post were for the people who think I’m salty about the trade… Good morning to y’all too lol.”

It’s unclear what specific question led to his venting. Thomas, though, is rightfully irritated. The trade hurt him. And that’s OK. However, he doesn’t want to harp on it because he’s with a new team that’s excited to have him on the roster. Imagine bringing a new girlfriend or boyfriend to meet your family, and all they did was pester you with questions about the person you broke up with — while they’re sitting right next to you.

That’d be annoying, right? All you’re trying to do is have someone pass the mashed potatoes, but your aunt Cathy wants a step-by-step rundown of how the breakup happened, even though you’ve told her 17 times already. That’s how Thomas feels. He wants to leave the past in the past.

As agitating as it is for the players to sit there and hear these questions, the reporters have a job to do. Yes, their topics are tired. But they have nothing else to ask Thomas. That’s nobody’s fault. He’s in a weird predicament where the list of conversation topics is short — either the Celtics or rehab. Once he’s back, that list will lengthen because there’s more material to go off of.

It’d be fascinating to take a survey of Cavaliers’ reporters and see if they’re also tired of asking Thomas the same questions. Luckily, for all parties, Isaiah Thomas is going to debut soon, and that means everyone can engage in a positive manner, throwing out questions about assimilating back into the game, or how Cleveland’s chemistry will be impacted upon him returning.

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