More Dysfunction, A Playlist By The New York Knicks. Parental advisory, explicit content below.

Up until this year, the Sacramento Kings were the most poorly-run organization in basketball, but the Knicks have since leapfrogged them and they’re looking to be crowned the worst team in all four major sports. It starts at the top without ownership and trickles down through the front office before the players decide not to engage in anything stupid.

This time, it’s James Dolan. And it’s not his first rodeo. The Knicks’ fan base has loathed him since his incident with Charles Oakley, and now he’s attacking a fan yet again, except he’s moved on from calling people alcoholics. Mike Hamersky is a self-proclaimed Knicks “superfan” from Astoria, Queens, and he’s been kind enough to hold season tickets for this year. However, Dolan does not care that you care about the team that he should care about.

According to Dave McKenna of Deadspin, the two got into a shouting match outside of Madison Square Garden and Dolan, once again, took things too far.

“Sell the team, Jim!” exclaimed Hamersky when he saw Dolan walking into the arena.

“I did call him an asshole because he is an asshole.”

James Dolan might be sensitive; I’m sure why I think this, but it’s what my gut tells me. I won’t believe that this is the harshest thing anyone has ever said to him — and it wasn’t even about him! Knicks fans are upset with how the team is being run, and selling would net Dolan a huge return on investment. When Forbes released their list of the NBA’s most valuable franchises, there sat the Knicks, above all other 29 teams at a staggering $3.3 billion.

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