Dwyane Wade Recalls Baptizing Anderson Varejao

During a Twitter Q&A, a fan asked Dwyane Wade what was going through his head when he eviscerated Anderson Varejao

“He gon cry in the car!!!” was Wade’s fitting response. Back in 2009, before we were making jokes about Flash making $25 million, he had one of the most memorable plays of his career.

It was Nov. 12, in a contest against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Miami went on to lose 111-104, but Wade had the play of the game and arguably the dunk of the year. In his younger days, Dwyane Wade was an electrifying athlete, and Varejao got to witness that first-hand.

Miami was on a semi-fastbreak. Neither side had numbers, but no one decided to give full help on Wade’s drive, and Varejao also waited until it was too late to contest. The two met in midair, and, man, did it end poorly for the floppy-haired center.

The video has the perfect thumbnail.

Not only did Varejao get dunked on, but Wade also hit him with such force that he fell down, slid on his back into the stanchion and put his head in his lap. Anderson Varejao kissed his knees after getting dunked on, and if that doesn’t qualify as an evisceration, I don’t know what does.

The embarrassment of Varejao was, as Reggie Miller called it, a “reversal of fortune.” On the other end, LeBron James went to yam on Jermaine O’Neal but had it blocked. Wade picked up the loose ball. The rest is history.

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Flash finished with 36 points and five assists on the night; LeBron had 34 points and seven dimes, and the poster child had two points in 14 minutes. I think the ultimate irony is that Varejao got named to an All-Defensive team that season.

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