Charlotte Hornets Malik Monk rookie is living the dream playing in the NBA, but not every part of his career is covered in diamonds and gold.

The Charlotte Hornets drafted Malik Monk 11th overall in the 2017 NBA Draft after a dazzling freshman year at Kentucky. His career has gotten off to a slow start, and the Hornets are 2-2 to begin the campaign. To those of us who aren’t in the league, we imagine that a player’s day is jam-packed and they spend every minute doing stuff that us mere mortals cannot. Monk doesn’t see it that way.

“It’s boring,” said Monk on CBS Sports’ Flagrant Two podcast. “Boring is good, though. You fly here, you get to the hotel, don’t do nothing until game time. I’m in my hotel room watching highlights, watching movies, stuff like that. It’s just boring. But in the summertime it’s fun because you get to do other stuff and you got a little bit of money, you can vacation, go to places. In season is boring, but that’s buy legit tramadol online good, so you won’t be out getting in trouble, club life, stuff like that.”

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That sounds amazing. And Charlotte has to be thrilled that their rookie doesn’t plan on putting himself in situations where things can go wrong. I also understand how Monk feels. Even when working a “normal job,” there are times when things slow down, except most of us aren’t fortunate enough to watch movies or highlights while on the clock. We instead B.S. with our colleagues or scroll Twitter looking for memes.

Monk’s averaging 7.5 points and 1.5 rebounds for Charlotte in 20.8 minutes. I’d love for him to revisit these comments once the season gets in full swing and the Hornets are (hopefully) challenging for a playoff spot.

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