Charles Oakley Gets Escorted Out Of Madison Square Garden (Video)

The New York Knicks are not a good basketball team, and that upsets Charles Oakley, who was just escorted out of MSG. 

Oakley spent 10 seasons with the Knicks during the 1990s, when New York was undoubtedly at their best. Over his tenure, he was a double-double machine, but since leaving, he’s cultivated an unhealthy relationship with management, and his sightings at the Garden are few and far between.

That changed on Wednesday when the Knicks faced the Los Angeles Clippers in a nationally televised contest.

What transpired next is, well, interesting. And it’s pretty much the manifestation of Knicks fans’ frustrations.

In the video, Oakley is seen shoving MSG security before being escorted out by not one, not two — but six security guards. He’s not impressed by the job that Phil Jackson and James Dolan have done, and he was seated close to Dolan before the incident occurred.

I’m sure he isn’t alone in loathing the franchise’s ineptitude.

The Knicks’ PR department released a statement following the incident, but no way could that look bad, right? Wrong. They typed it up on the iPhone’s native notes app — no email, no Word document with a nice Arial Black font, the native iOS Notes app.

The Knicks are 22-31 which put them at 12th in the East, and it’s been all downhill for the organization over the past couple of weeks. Unnecessary attention is brought to a team who is already under the microscope of Manhattan — and no, we all haven’t forgotten about Phil Jackson subtweet of Carmelo Anthony.

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