Charles Barkley is openly hateful toward the Golden State Warriors, and it there doesn’t seem to be an end to it. 

Chuck cannot talk about the Warriors without sounding like the old-school guy who hates everything that’s new and different — “back in my day!” Thursday night, Barkley took yet another jab at the team with more rings than him, saying they play a “girly” brand of basketball that he’ll never like.

His candor is appreciated:

“Maybe I’m old-school, but I’m never going to like that little, girly basketball.”

If there’s anything that’s wrong with what he said, it’s the comparison of women’s basketball to NBA basketball. Some would argue that women’s basketball is played better than men’s basketball because they constantly have to have all members of the team involved.

Men who play basketball have an athletic advantage, and they can use their physical attributes to help them throughout the course of the game.

More Warriors: 

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Women can do it as well, but it’s not as effective.

To an extent, yes, the Warriors do play “girly” at times because they move the ball so much and have a ton of possessions where three, four, or five order tramadol 100mg online passes get made. They set a ton of off-ball picks to get their shooters open, and their bigs are just as proficient in setting screens for pick-and-roll action.

Barkley has routinely stated how the Warriors won’t ever turn into a dynasty because they’re a jump shooting team. “The game’s going to come down to defense and rebounding and easy baskets down low, that’s just my philosophy,” said the Hall of Famer back in October. Defense is a huge part of any championship makeup, and that’s something that won’t ever change.

Being a team who can knock down open shots from the perimeter makes them more lethal when attacking the basket, which is something that’s also been prevalent throughout the history of the league.

It’s important to note that the NBA as a whole is shifting it’s play style, and more and more teams shoot more long-range shots. Golden State is likely to see their third final this year, and they could’ve easily won their second-straight last year. With their aggregate of talent and coaching, they can become a dynasty because of how the NBA is trending toward their style of play.

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