The NBA is a predominantly black sport with people of color making up 81.7 percent of the entire league. The remaining 18.3 percent is made up of white players, both of European and Asian descent, or from countries in Europe or Asia. 

Chandler Parsons recently anointed himself the “best white American player” during an interview with Marc Spears of The Undefeated.

“Me, of course,” answered Parsons when asked.

To put some context to Parsons’ statement, Spears caught up with some of the most recognizable white players in the league to discuss their experiences as the NBA’s minority; it’s an excellent read.

One the guys selected for the interview was J.J. Redick of the Los Angeles Clippers, and it’s arguable that he’s better than Parsons. Kevin Love and Gordon Hayward were reached out to, but they declined to speak, and they are certainly two of the best white American ball players.

Since coming into the league from Florida, Parsons has had his fair share of injuries. He does, however, have a broad skill set when he’s healthy. Above all else, Parsons is an outstanding marksman and is a 38 percent three-point shooter for his career, and that includes 41.4 percent last year. He’s also superb around the basket and has drastically improved as a slasher.

Player: Chandler ParsonsKevin LoveGordon HaywardJ.J. Redick

Parsons’ downfall is his defense, and of the four guys on the table, he’s close to the bottom. He’s not long at all for a guy of his size, and he’s only mildly athletic, which puts him at a severe disadvantage.

Sorry Parsons, but Hayward pulls away with this title by being the most well-rounded on both sides of the ball. He can get buckets in a variety of ways, plays solid defense and rebounds, and is learning how to create for others. Furthermore, he’s the most valuable to his team.

Without him–and the Jazz will be without him for a while–Utah will struggle more than ever.

Kevin Love is another valuable player to the Cavaliers, but not close to Hayward’s worth to the Jazz. If you take Love away from Cleveland, they don’t win a title, but they’ll still get to the Finals.

Lastly, there’s Redick who’s perfect for one thing: shooting. Aside from that, he doesn’t do much. His defense is iffy, and he doesn’t put up great rebounding or assist numbers. However, that’s how it’s been his whole career. Even going back to his time with Orlando and Milwaukee, Redick was never a guy who teams needed to worry about on the glass or assisting.

Although he’s not the best, the Memphis Grizzlies paid him $94 million over four years to have a LeBron James-type role. Hopefully, it’ll work out and Parsons will be closer to validating his claim.

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