Chance The Rapper went on The View to discuss a myriad of topics, and he happened to get the opportunity to speak about LeBron James

Before the start of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, James’ home in Los Angeles got vandalized and had racial slurs spray-painted along the gate. Chance, who’s in the middle of his Spring Tour, touched on racism and said: “It’s a common pattern in America’s history.”

He then went on to anoint James as the greatest basketball player of all time, even though some view LeBron as a “second-class citizen.” That’s quite the compliment from a Chicago native who grew up in the city that turned Michael Jordan into who he is.

Chance, who’s already had incredible success as a 24-year-old, isn’t too far removed from his three-peat at the Grammys. He took home awards for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance (No Problems) and Best Rap Album (Coloring Book), and he’s put himself in the position to become the LeBron James of hip-hop within the next five years or so.

James had equal success in his field at that age by making his fourth All-Star team, his second All-NBA first team and winning his first scoring title. The awards may not be equal, with Best Rap Album being the equivalent to an NBA title, but Chance appreciates greatness when he sees it.

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