Kyrie Irving is reportedly curving the Cleveland Cavaliers. This narrative keeps getting better and better. 

Are you guys tired of all the Kyrie Irving news? I’m not (yet). The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd said that Irving has been unreachable since the news of his trade request surfaced. The newest wrinkle is funny even though it shouldn’t be, and it’s ironic considering the Cavaliers justed signed Derrick Rose, who went AWOL during a game this past season where no one was able to contact him.

Kyrie is likely disgruntled by the entire situation, which, at times, is analyzed a bit too deeply. He wants to spread his wings and do it on his own. And that’s fine.

Regardless, it is a bit childish if he’s intentionally ignoring phone calls from his executives. Being unable to reach him and being ignored are different. Irving just spent the last few days in Beijing doing a whole bunch and also posted on Snapchat a few days ago singing “I’m Coming Home.”

Maybe he is ignoring them.

In a perfect world, the Cavaliers and Irving reconcile and figure out his future going forward. If that’s not going to happen, all I’d want to see is Dan Gilbert call Kyrie, and have Travis Scott in the background singing “pick up the phone, Kyrie / I know you’re home, Kyrie.”

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