If Carmelo Anthony came out and said this a few years ago, it would be a fantastic debate topic. On the Dan Patrick Show, the Knicks’ star wing said that he’s a better scorer than LeBron James and Stephen Curry because a “competitor isn’t going to say no.”

Certainly not lacking confidence, which is perfect for an athlete, the stats don’t back up Anthony’s claim. He’s coming off his third-lowest scoring average as a pro and finished with 21.8 points per game. Curry, this year’s scoring champ, was at 30.1 and James was at 25.3. Looking at their careers as a whole, James is far-and-away the leading scorer with 27.2 points per while Anthony is at 24.9, ahead of Curry’s 22.4. It’s worth noting that Steph didn’t emerge as an elite scorer until a few years into his career.

Outside of his rookie year, LeBron has never been out of the top-5 in points per game, and in terms out total points scored, James has been top-10 every season and only once has been order tramadol india lower than fourth — his rookie year he was eighth.

Although the numbers don’t favor ‘Melo, during his prime he was one of the most dangerous players out of the triple-threat that anyone has ever seen. Due to age and injuries, Anthony is falling out of his prime, and his career is on a noticeable decline. Still, Carmelo will go down as one of the greatest triple-threat players ever.

While being a great scorer, Carmelo hasn’t had a season where he’s shot greater than 50% from the field, something that James has done six times and Curry’s done once. Being an inefficient scorer isn’t a good trait and ‘Melo is a career 45% shooter.

Carmelo Anthony can say that he’s the best scorer out of these three because the others are known for being dominant in other ways. LeBron James is the best all-around player, and Curry is the best shooter. Moreover, James and Curry can call themselves champions while Anthony has only made it out of the first round twice.