Through the NBA’s first four games, Anthony Davis has been one of the most dominant players, but a winless start frustrates the Pelicans star.¬†

According to Basketball-Reference, no other player has scored more points than Anthony Davis while going winless through their team’s first four games.

The Brow’s averages are about as inflated as they can be with the lack of help that’s around him. Davis is second in points per game (37.0), third in rebounds per game (13.2), second in both steals (3.0) and blocks per game (3.0), and has scored 35-plus in three games, included 50 and 45, respectively, in the first two games of the season.

Despite that, New Orleans can’t put anything together. If Davis doesn’t have a monstrous scoring night, it’s a blowout, evidenced by a 19-point loss to the San Antonio Spurs where AD was limited to 18 points.

“Definitely frustrating,” said Davis to ESPN’s Justin Verrier. “We can’t get a win. It’s frustrating.”

Point guard Tim Frazier has done an exceptional job helping bear the load, but without Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday, New Orleans is doomed. With 15.3 points a night, Frazier is the Pels’ second-leading scorer, and he’s doing his best to keep the offense efficient as his handing out more than nine assists a ball game.

It’s unclear when Holiday and Evans will be returning; Holiday’s wife, Lauren, underwent brain surgery and he’s taking a leave of absence to be with her and their new-born baby. As far as Evans, he’s aiming for a return later this month from knee surgery, but his health is always a giant question mark.

The Pelicans biggest problem lies within their inability to convert on offense, and they have the third-quickest pace but the fourth-worst offensive efficiency.

Those issues translate to defense, too, but at least they’re closer to average in defensive efficiency. Davis is certainly a huge help to that, and he can single-handedly change the entirety of an opponent’s offense.

A silver lining to all of this is that the team has been competitive in three of their four games, with the loss to San Antonio being the only blowout. So long as Davis stays healthy, the Pels will be in games. Furthermore, it’s still early in the season, and New Orleans can easily turn themselves around.

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