“But I know that’s just in my mind / I know everything is just in my mind.” – Logic

The level at which you perform in life, no matter if it’s school, business, sports, is all dictated by how you perceive yourself doing that task. Does Kobe Bryant think that he sucks? What about President Obama? Or J.K Rowling? They all believe they’re the best and there are people who will say that there are past individuals who were better than they are, which is subjective. Wilt Chamberlain was a better scorer than Kobe, Ronald Reagan & JFK did wonderful things for our country and William Shakespeare revolutionized writing and the English language.

So if you’re not the best, why do you deserve to be called great? Because you constantly thinking that you’re the best will turn you into the best. And how do you begin to think about being the best? You put in more work than everyone else does.

If you think that you suck at something, you’re going to suck at it. Bottom line.