Video: Harrison Barnes Is A Magician

This probably isn't the first time this has happened.

Without even dribbling the ball, Harrison Barnes was able to embarrass Kevin Martin. The 6’8 wing for Golden State is known for his athleticism and shooting ability. Now, he will be known for crossing up 33-year-old Kevin Martin out of the triple threat position.

Barnes caught the ball and faced up, then jabbed right and went left. MartinĀ flew past Barnes and stumbled towards the Warriors’ bench. It looked like a game of red rover as the players on the Warriors bench stood up with their arms interlocked, ready to catch the veteran wing.

After freeing himself, Barnes took it strong to the hole and got fouled by the Red Rocket, Matt Bonner. Both free throws would be knocked down as the Warriors knocked off the Spurs 112-101 for their 70th win.

Remember kids: Don’t reach.