Would Reggie Really Take Down Curry?

Reggie Miller is one of the best shooters that has ever played in the NBA and confidently stated how he’d be able to take down Steph in his prime; makes sense, all great shooters ooze confidence.

But would Reggie really take down Curry? Below is an excerpt of what Miller said when asked about Curry:

“All truly great shooters—Dale Ellis, Larry Bird, Craig Hodges, Chris Mullin—we always believed that we were the best shooters in the world,” Miller continued. “So, yeah, I’d take down Steph at my peak. Sure, my form wasn’t as good as his. But it’s all about results, man.”

At the time of Miller’s retirement in 2005, he had splashed 2,560 threes and was more than 800 makes ahead of second place Dale Ellis. He speaks about it being “all about results,” but sorry, Reg, Curry’s results are better than yours. Below is a comparison of the players’ first seven seasons in the league:

The Numbers

Curry, 2010-2016 – 439 games played, 1310 made threes at 44% and a 3PAr (three-point attempt rate) of 41.9%.

Miller, 1988-1994 – 563 games played, 840 made threes at 39% and a 3PAr of 29.6%.

Being only 1,250 threes away from tying Reggie on the all-time list, Curry would only need five more seasons to meet Reggie if he was to average three makes per game each year. Which he probably will. If he continues to shoot like how he is now, it’ll be even an even shorter timeframe.

In Curry’s short career, he’s pocketed 200+ three balls in three different seasons and is well on his way to make 200+ this season. Currently at 5.2 made threes a game, Curry would make 426 threes if he maintained that figure. Four-hundred twenty-six. Miller only had one season where he had 200+ made threes and his 229 in 1996-97 looks miniscule compared to Curry’s 272, 261 and 286.

The Verdict

Based off percentages, it’s clear Curry would be able to handle Miller and I would confidently pick Curry over Miller.

Numbers, however, only tell so much and although I was never able to watch Reggie play live, I’ve seen enough tape to know that he would compete very hard against Steph. Despite being a great competitor, I doubt Miller would be able to compete with Steph’s range and his ability to shoot off the dribble. Everyone knows that many NBA players can hit open threes, even more so due to the changing playstyle; Curry & Miller are two of the best ever. There has never been a player that can do a three-dribble combination and then pull-up from thirty. It’s never been seen before. That is the skill set that Curry brings over Reggie even though Miller was a bigger, longer player.

When it comes down to discussing two players that are the best at something, playoffs always come up in the talk. Curry has experienced more playoff success than Miller has, evidenced by the championship won last season over Cleveland. Thus far in his playoff career, Curry is averaging 4.1 made threes per game, more than double what Reggie averaged through his first seven season. In those same playoffs last season, Curry smashed Reggie’s postseason record of 58 made threes by splashing 98 at an astounding percentage of 42.2.

Reggie Miller is an all-time great. As well as Steph Curry. What differentiates the two when it comes to shooting is Steph can shoot from anywhere at anytime by anyway possible.