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Whether it’s basketball, football, swimming, tennis, or any other sport that LeBron James gets to watch, the King has routinely shown praise for the respective sports’ greatest athletes. After forgoing the 2016 Olympics, he’s cheered on the both USAB teams and all the other athletes that are representing the United States of America.

It’s argued that James is the greatest athlete of all time — at 6-8, 260ish with a reported 44-inch vertical, LeBron could dominate almost any sport just on pure athleticism. As a high schooler, James was an All-State receiver at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s, and drew interest from big-time football schools before focusing on basketball.

Regarding lateral quickness, explosiveness, vertical jump, strength, and all other aspects of athleticism, it’s no wonder why James dominated the gridiron and still dominates the hardwood. Those attributes were so scintillating that Mark Murphy, an 11-year NFL veteran, told ESPN a few years back that he lists LeBron James as one of the best wideouts he’s ever seen, “I tell people that I rate my top receivers — coaching, playing or watching — as James Lofton, Jerry Rice, Steve Largent and LeBron James.”

So, moving away from football, where do the skills listed above translate? You guessed it: handball.

With all of the athletes at the disposal of the United States, the handball team is atrocious. The squad didn’t qualify for the Olympics this year and hasn’t order tramadol online us qualified since 1996.

The string of poor performance is rare for any of the U.S. teams, so Adam Kilgore of The Washington Post popped a question, and went around asking what would happen if LeBron James — along with several other premier athletes — joined the United States’ handball team.

Javier Garcia-Cuesta, the head coach of the USA’s handball team, was the first victim, and he said that James could be the world’s best handball player in “maybe six months.” That’s remarkably impressive, considering handball is a sport that is kicked under the rug in America.

Kilgore’s next interviewee was Mikkel Hansen, widely considered the world’s best handball player, who was asked if the King could ever match his skill level:

“It’s difficult to talk about that. I admire LeBron James very much. I’m a big basketball fan. The way he sees the court, his vision for the game, is very impressive. There you would have a good start. And physically, he is amazing. But you also need to throw the ball. So, yeah. Maybe.”

Hansen probably could’ve been a professional basketball player if exposed to it at an early age. The MVP hails from Denmark and packs 216 pounds onto his 6-5 frame; for visual purposes, imagine if James Harden were a few pounds lighter, grew out his hair opposed to his beard, and elected to play handball.

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