With 27 points against the Washington Wizards Friday night, LeBron James scored his 27,000th career point faster than anyone else in NBA history. 

James — who’s in his 14th NBA season — dropped 27 against the Wizards during the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ 105-94 victory on Friday. At 31 years, 317 days old, the King beat out Kobe Bryant who was 32 years, 160 days old at the time he reached this milestone.

Eclipsing 27,000 makes him the tenth player in NBA history to do so, and he’s someone who has a real shot at challenging Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career scoring record.

Over the course of his NBA tenure, LeBron’s scoring average of 27.2 is fifth all-time, and he’d be the league’s all-time leading scorer if he sustained an average like that for roughly five years.

James is still a fantastic scorer, but maintaining a clip like that is something that’s far-fetched. He hasn’t averaged 27 points or more since 2013-14, and James is clearly not focused on getting buckets this year.

As of now, LBJ is averaging 22.9 points, and that would be the lowest since his rookie season. Fortunately, it’s his choice to do this. Kyrie Irving is infinitely more prominent in the offense and Cleveland doesn’t need to rely on James as much.

Expectedly, he’ll be playing a lot of point guard instead.

Even if he keeps his scoring down and hovers around 23 points a night, he should pass Elvin Hayes and Moses Malone by season’s end, and possibly even Shaquille O’Neal depending on how many games he plays.

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