He is probably the most over-analyzed athlete to play any sport, ever. Almost every bit of LeBron James’ life is talked about if he does something that the public thinks he shouldn’t be doing. He put up a workout video with Dwyane Wade and caught flak. When he was supposedly sub-tweeting his teammates, he caught flak, too. Most recently, James went on an unfollowing spree on Twitter, and the Cavaliers’ official account was included.

People are quick to make this a big deal because it can be seen as a premonition of James being discontent of what’s going on in Cleveland. (If anything is a premonition, it would be how he signed a contract with an option after just one season.) Much like other global athletes with massive brand names, King James has quite the Twitter following. He boasts 29 million followers, good for the 24th most-followed account according to Twitter Counter.

He follows a very select group of individuals and his total rounds out to 153 after. When asked about it after beating the Nuggets on Monday night, James couldn’t be bothered to answer. And his demeanor makes it seem like he feels the whole situation is silly; which it is.

Joe Vardon of cleveland.com wrote this morning and said that this situation is the start of James’ playoff preparation, which is something he does every before every postseason. LeBron totally shuts himself out of all technology and focuses on hoops solely. In short, James unfollowed many basketball-related accounts and not just the Cavaliers to avoid distractions.

If he is prepping for the playoffs, it’s going to be much needed. For the first time in recent seasons, a team led by LeBron James is going to be tested for the Eastern Conference crown. Toronto, Miami, Boston, Miami, and Charlotte are all playing solid basketball and could very well do some damage in the playoffs. Toronto especially, as they sit just 1.5 games back of the Cavaliers for the number one seed in the conference.